Key Areas

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Key Areas

The convergence of IC technologies and media is a complex, multi-layered process. To quickly and effectively bed down innovations in business and administration, public funding is required in certain cases. If a technology area proves attractive to Germany, possible projects are put out to tender, selected and funded within the framework of a competition. The hope is that such beacon projects will encourage widespread dissemination.

Internet of Services


Cyber-physical systems are developed in the Smart Service World, together with information platforms to control them.
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The Smart Data funding initiative supports industry and research in advancing widespread use of big data technologies.
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In the Trusted Cloud focal area, R&D activities for efficient and innovative cloud structures and innovative cloud-based services are to be funded.
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Internet of Things




The Digitale Technologien für die Wirtschaft (PAiCE) (Digital Technologies for Business) funding programme aims to support primarily medium-sized manufacturing companies in developing innovative solutions for Industry 4.0 cross-partner added value chains.

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The aim of Autonomics for Industry 4.0 is to integrate the most recent information and communications technologies with industrial production and thus to utilise innovation potentials.
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The objective of Connected Living is to develop innovative cross-industry solutions for intelligent home networking.
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Internet of Energy

 Siemens-Pressebild The ICT for Electromobility II technology programme is the 'IKT für Elektromobilität' follow-up programme and additionally studies the development of new communications routes within the vehicle and their integration in traffic infrastructures.
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In the IT2Green focal area, system approaches are to be developed and tested to enable typical ICT applications to be structured in such a way that they increase the ICT energy efficiency.
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E-Energy sought to set up a model of an ICT-based energy system to optimise the power supply.
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Key Areas


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